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Wine Glasses 101: Red or White, Its the Glass that Matters

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Most wine newbies have, at one time or another have asked the question: why does it matter what glass I serve it in? Usually garnering plenty of chuckles from the wine veterans in the room. The fact is, the wine glass works to present the best aspects of any wine, much like what a perfect setting does for a diamond. It simply brings out its best qualities. 

For red wines, the glass should be fuller and rounder, with a larger opening which allows the aroma to permeate to the nose. The fuller bowl allows more of the wine to come into contact with the air allowing the nose to fully appreciate the complexity of red wine's flavors and aromas. 

White wines should be served in glasses that are more U-shaped and upright. The opening should be smaller in order to direct the wine's flavor to the back and sides of the tongue and to help the wine stay cooler as whites should be served at cooler temperatures than their red counterparts. 

Crystal and blown glass are the preferred materials to use for wine glasses as thicker glass is thought to effect the taste of the wine. The larger lip can also make sipping wine a tad difficult.

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