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The Best Box Wine Dispenser is Greener than the Greenest of Wine Bottles

Posted by Teresa Haines on

Quick, grab a glass of wine. We're going to ask you to do some math. We know, you didn't sign up for this but we feel the need to make a point. Almost 4 billion wine bottles end up in our landfills every single year. Now, if a typical bag-in-box wine container holds 3 liters of wine, equaling about three to four bottles of wine, how many boxed wines would need to be sold in order to keep those bottles from going to the landfill? A billion right? Well, we better get started. If only half of those wine enthusiasts made the switch, that would still be 2 billion bottles removed every single year. best box wine dispenser

Question #2: If five percent of all wine is actually wasted because of cork taint, adding up to an astounding 26.4 billion gallons of wasted vino, how many bottles could we save there too? Maybe it would be easier to ask what five percent of 4 billion is. In which case, another 200 million bottles could be deleted from those added to landfills. 

By just switching from wine packaged in bottles, to those served in boxes we could literally save billions of glass bottles from adding to our landfill mass. If you're interested in being more environmentally friendly but fear your friends will look down upon you for serving boxed wine (the horror!), trick them by buying their favorite wines and disguise it with a Boxxle wine dispenser. With some very good quality, high-end wines now being offered in bag-in-box packaging options, serving amazing wines with the best box wine dispenser will delight your guests and allow you to do your part for our planet.