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Summer Barbecue Wine Pairings

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Summer is on its way, and we can’t wait. We’re looking forward to long days outdoors, fun with family and friends, and especially barbecues. A Boxxle boxed wine dispenser is definitely a must-have this summer. Your Boxxle will keep the wine flowing and your guests happy. Whether you’re by the pool or on the patio, don’t worry about broken wine bottles, or open bottles attracting nasty critters like yellow jackets, just sit back, relax, and have a great summer!

Wine and Barbecue

Sure, beer and barbecue go together. We get that. But for wine lovers, summer barbecue season opens up a whole new opportunity to experiment with new tastes and combinations. And while we’re certainly biased, we just think that a beverage made of fruit beats a beverage made from grain any day, especially on a summer day.

For all of you out there who agree with us, and even those that don't, yet, here are some ideas to get your summer off to a great start.


A burger with the works is one of summer’s best traditions. As children we enjoyed ours with soda, still a great pairing for kids and adults. We’ve found though that they yumminess of a great, drip-down-your-chin summer burger is made even better with a great wine. Here are a top choices for wine pairings for burgers.

  • Sangria: This summertime staple is a wonderful choice for a mid-day barbecue where you want to keep things light, fruity and just a little spicy.
  • Zinfandel: A good zin’s high-acidity is a great compliment to your rich and juicy burger.
  • Shiraz: Dark and delicious, and about as dry as it gets, you’ll love this pairing for sure.
  • Pinot Noir: Fruity and refreshing, if you’re craving that soda from your childhood, this will change your mind about burgers and wine.
  • Petite Sirah: A tannic powerhouse, this wine is sure to compliment even the most bacony, cheesy, or gourmet burger you can dream up.

Hot Dogs

Whether you are serving up traditional dogs on a soft bun with relish, mustard or catchup, going the gourmet route, or taking it to the street with traditional Baja-style, bacon wrapped salchicha with all the works, any of these wines are sure to make every bite an experience that no beer or soda could deliver.

  • Rose: A good rose, filled with fruity citrus tones, goes great with just about any combination of toppings you can dream up for your dog.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: If you are looking for something really light and a little more zesty, this is the choice for you.
  • Prosecco: Yep, that’s right. A sparkling wine is a great pairing for your hot dog. Try it, you’ll be a believer.

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Barbecued Chicken

One of our all-time favorites is barbecued chicken in all of its various forms. From brick chicken to whole chickens roasted on a slow open fire, to traditional, finger-licking sauce, dripping barbecue, we love them all. Choose your favorite from the wines below and you won’t go wrong.

  • Chardonnay: A rich, buttery chardonnay pairs great with an herb-covered barbecued chicken.
  • Chenin Blanc: A dry, grassy chenin blanc pairs great with well-charred chicken covered in a traditional sweet barbecue sauce.
  • Zinfandel: If you are a red, and nothing but red kind of person, you can’t go wrong with a spicy, fruit-filled, and smokey zinfandel.


Is there anything better than a brisket right off the smoker that just falls apart on the plate? We like ours au natural, with the natural smokiness from the flames. If you prefer a sweet sauce, a spicy sauce or enjoy yours with a traditional and time-tested vinegar-based dip, try it with one of these wines for a whole new taste extravaganza.

  • Malbec: This is one of our favorite pairings. The chocolaty, oaky malbec pairs well with a lot of meals, but for a crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside, perfectly smoked brisket, there’s nothing better.
  • Zinfandel: If a malbec is a little too heavy for your tastes, you can never go wrong with a zin!
  • Cabernet: An old stand-by, but not to be overlooked, this aggressive cousin of Merlot, has the backbone to stand up to any hearty meal.

You’re Ready for Your Boxxle

Now that you’ve got your list of good boxed wines to pick up for the summer season, don’t forget your Boxxle to keep the wine flowing and your guests enjoying all the great food you’ve prepared. Have a great summer everyone!