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Passion For Both Wine and the Planet Unite

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Novelist Eduardo Galeano once said "We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine." At Boxxle, we share the same passion for wine that Galeano once did; but we've coupled it with our passion for eco-friendly design and innovation to create Boxxle. 

Boxxle is a countertop wine-dispensing innovation that solves the problems of boxed wines. Often, an unsightly cardboard box carries with it just as much ugliness with it as it does the stigma of frugality. Never wanting to be labeled as having bad taste, many wine drinkers have avoided boxed wine mistakenly believing that good wine is never found packaged in such a way. 

With many highly reviewed wines becoming more widely available in "bag-in-box" packaging, the issue regarding good tasting wines has, for all intents and purposes, been addressed by the wineries themselves. But the issue regarding good decor taste has been widely ignored by the industry, until now. Boxxle solves the problem of having an ugly cardboard box sitting on your countertop for weeks at a time. Boxxle's revolutionary design also allows you to squeeze every glass out of the bottom of the bag, wasting nothing. 

Enjoy wine by the glass in your home with the best box wine dispenser available. Boxxle is efficient as its design wastes nothing as every last dropped is literally squeezed from the bag. Boxxle is economical. Because the cost of a boxed wine is generally about the third of the cost of bottled wine in the same amounts, a Boxxle will pay for itself in no time at all. Boxxle is convenient. Less bulk and weight and less trips to the store all make our boxed wine dispenser a more convenient option over bottled wines. Boxxle is green. BIB packaging has a 55 percent smaller carbon footprint and produces less landfill waste than glass bottles. Boxxle is pretty. Our sleek design is a beautiful addition to any home bar or kitchen. Order your Boxxle now and start feeding your passion again.