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Invite Boxxle to Your Labor Day Barbecue

Posted by Teresa Haines on

Here at Boxxle, we're holding onto summer in the same way that some of our friends hold onto their wine glasses: with both hands, wildly refusing to understand that we're reaching the end of its joy. With the unofficial end of summer looming, the Labor Day holiday is bittersweet for those of us who love the draw of a warm summer day, refreshed with a light and fruity Sangria. But we also see it as one more chance to show off the best box wine dispenser available. 

Make your Labor Day the perfect excuse to enjoy your favorite box wines while dining al fresco. Say goodbye to summer with these boxed wines that are perfectly served in a Boxxle boxed wine dispenser:

  • Black Box wines hits the mark again with their 2013 California Pinot Noir. Its fruity overtones of cherry and strawberry are balanced nicely with a spicy edge that goes nicely with both chicken and steak.
  • Try the 2012 Red Blend by Bridge Lane if you prefer your fruity wine to be laced with a tannin edge.
  • What's more "summer" than peaches and honey? Delight your guests with the light freshness of R. Mueller's 2009 Riesling as a contrast when serving up spicy Mexican food.
  • Pepperwood Grove's Old Vine Zinfandel is a bargain that is sure to tease guests with hints of coming fall. It is abundant with notes of fig and cloves that complement traditional chicken dishes.