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Best Boxed Wine Dispenser

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The taboo for box wine is as old as the history of wine. The preconceived notion that it is of a lesser quality than bottled wine, tacky or poor taste is quickly dissolving. Box wine keeps getting better and has more benefits than bottled wine. Since 2002, there are more quality boxed wines in the market and the market is increasing its demands. BIB packaging creates environmental benefits, leaving lighter carbon footprints and uses materials that are 100% recyclable. BIB wine stays fresh and delicious for up to 6 weeks after your first glass. The vacuum-sealed and the bag collapses on itself as the wine is dispensed to how your wine remains fresh for so long. Lastly, BIB will save you money while still having the quality wine you enjoy. A 3-liter box of Chardonnay was priced at $7.33 per liter while a 750-milliliter bottle of Chardonnay was price at $19.99 per liter. Same quality, but a 63% saving from switching to the box.

Most other countries have converted to box wine understanding its benefits. We still rely on a taboo or heuristic, such as bottle vs. boxed packaging, to make our purchase decisions about wine. The BIB provides the convenience of easy carrying, fast refills, and keeping wine chilled longer. If box wine is something you're not ready to have your guest see, Boxxle is the perfect wine cask for you.

Boxxle is the best box wine dispenser to impress your guest. Boxxle raises the wine up and allows the spigot to be about your glass. This beautiful, stainless-steel premium dispenser will be a great addition to your kitchen counter or dining room table. Have your wine by the glass while saving money, retaining freshness and being eco-friendly!