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Boxed Wine Dispensers - The Next Generation

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Did you know that wine in bottles, like the ones we expect to see on store shelves today, didn’t even exist until the early 1800’s? That’s right. The packaging of wine has evolved a lot, so it is no surprise that boxed wine dispensers like Boxxle are just the next step in the evolution of wine packaging and dispensing.

The History of Wine Packaging and Dispensing

The earliest wine dispensers were bags. I guess the old saying, “everything that’s old is new again,” is true about wine too. We’re pretty happy that things have changed a bit because drinking wine poured from an animal bladder or tanned goat stomach might just get us to switch to beer.

The ancient Greeks improved considerably on wine dispensing technology. They dispensed wine in large clay vessels called amphorae that sat on the floor and allowed for easy scooping of wine with a cup right out of the container. One other benefit of these clay vessels was that they helped to keep wine cool. Room temperature red is great. But wine that’s been sitting in the hot Mediterranean sun all day might be a little hard to swallow.

The wine barrel was first used by the Romans,and it was surprisingly similar to the barrels we use today. They used glass bottle dispensers, but they didn’t look anything like the ones we’re used to. The barrel rang in the era of aged wines. Some historians think that ancient Romans aged some wines up to 25 years. It is thanks to the sturdy barrel that wine made its way to the far corners of the earth. Thank goodness for the wine barrel!

As for the kind of boxed wine that you use with your Boxxle wine dispenser, it was 1935 when a wine producer in Australia produced the first plastic wine bladder and put it in a box. Voilà! Modern boxed wine was born.

Boxed wine dispensers are quickly becoming the standard.

Premium wine makers are finally seeing the sheer brilliance of that Australian wine maker, and beginning to offer their best wines in boxes. With this change has come a big demand for dispensers like Boxxle’s sleek stainless steel dispenser. As a matter of fact, according to recent research, bottled wine is only going to continue to lose market share to boxed wines.

Don’t Be Left Out

If you are a wine lover, you want to be up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. And you’ll want to choose the best boxed wine dispenser available. That, we’re proud to say, is Boxxle. In a recent article, Boca Magazine said that the Boxxle premium wine dispenser is the best choice for everything from tailgating to posh cocktail parties. The Household Appliance blog said Boxxle came in a very close second to best. But since the only wine dispenser that beat us cost more than six thousand dollars, we feel pretty good about our 2nd place showing.

Check out our different Boxxle wine dispenser models to find the one that’s best for you. Whether you choose the Fantini Boxxle for three-liter boxes of premium wines or the original Boxxle perfect for outdoor events and casual parties, you’ll enjoy the fun and convenience. And your friends will be sure to be impressed.

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